Colloque international de l'informatique juridique (IRIS)

The Liquid Legal Institute is an open and interdisciplinary platform for promoting a new way of thinking in the legal sector. Digitalization, new business models and technological innovations are currently changing all major industries worldwide. However, the legal sector has not yet benefited sufficiently from these trends. The Liquid Legal Institute was founded by seven experts from legal and business practice, design thinking and computer science to close this gap.

The Liquid Legal institute is a neutral and non-profit platform for discussion, exchange, and cooperation. We identify and promote new thinking in the legal sector together with our partners and affiliates, and the growing membership. Our projects put findings into action, gather knowledge, create methodology kits, set standards and more—all available to our members to quickly apply those resources in their daily practice.

International. Diverse. Curious.

Since the inception, the Institute grew in membership and geographical reach, with well over 240 members in over 10 countries. Each member of the interdisciplinary group contributes a valuable aspect to the promotion of Liquid Legal.